About SongScouting

NOTE:  Any ads that may appear on this site are not endorsed by SongScouting.

Here you’ll find public domain songs as downloadable PDFs and MP3 recordings, as well as some songs used by the permission of other authors/copyright holders.

Many sites state songs are in the public domain when they are not.  A song does not enter the public domain until 70 years or more after the date the author has died (not the date the song was written).  For questions on copyright, see http://www.copyright.gov/.  You may also want to check the website http://www.pdinfo.com/Copyright-Law/Copyright-and-Public-Domain.php.   I have made every effort to ensure the songs here are in the public domain or have the author’s permission to include them (noted on song).  If you believe I have made an error, please contact me.

If a song includes a permission to use or registered trademarks (such as the words Girl Scout), it must be used in accordance with the owner’s guidelines.

Feel free to share these songs, but please keep the name and web address on them (or add them if they are not there) and please do not change or omit any of the text (quoting is fine).  If you want to reprint these for profit-oriented purposes, please contact me.

You may also wish to visit other websites such as Popular Songs in American History or Folk Music of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and America for additional song information.  Please note their lyrics often include fewer verses.
For public domain classical music you may want to visit https://musopen.org/.

Thank you and enjoy!




  1. Very cool WordPress site!

  2. NEW AUDIO (MP4) POSTINGS – Check them out!

    Camp Songs
    A Ram Sam Sam, Ah Poor Bird, Bear Song, Bill Grogan’s Goat, Chairs to Mend, Dem Bones, French Cathedrals, Grasshoppers Three, Hey Ho, Nobody Home, Linstead Market, Music Alone Shall Live, ‘Neath These Tall Green Trees, Ol’ Texas, Rose. White Coral Bells

    Ah Poor Bird, Benjamin Bomaneer, Chairs to Mend, Hey Ho, Nobody Home, Lavender’s Blue, Prickle Holly Bush, Rose, Thou Knave, White Coral Bells

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