Camp Songs

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A Ram Sam Sam – Morocco   MP3 A Ram Sam Sam
Ah, Poor Bird      MP3 Ah, Poor Bird
Ants Go Marching – parody Johnny Comes Marching Home
Apple-Cheeked Rider, The aka Ho, Young Rider – Slovak

Be Kind To Your WebFooted Friends  – parody of John Phillip Souza Stars and Stripes Forever
Bear Song – Girl Scout™ parody of Sippin’ Cider
MP3 Bear Song, The
Bill Grogan’s Goat – author unknown   MP3 Bill Grogans Goat  

Cat Came Back – Harry S. Miller  MP3  The Cat Came Back-clip
Chairs to Mend – English streetseller’s round   MP3 Chairs to Mend (London Street Cries)
Coca-Cola Came To Town – parody
Counselors – Girl Scout™ parody of Barges

Dem Bones – Negro Spiritual   MP3 Dem Bones
Dona Nobis Pacem – Latin canon
Donkey Riding – Canadian Sea Chantey 

French Cathedrals – French round   MP3 French Cathedrals
Frog Round      

Graces-Girl Scout
Graces-more Girl Scout
Grasshoppers Three  – English Girl Guide™ song
Grasshoppers Three  

Hey Ho Nobody Home – English round   MP3 Hey Ho, Nobody Home
He’s Got The Whole World
Ho, Young Rider aka The Apple-Cheeked Rider – Slovak
Horsey, Horsey – Dutch nursery tune 

I’m A Little Cocoa Brown – unknown
I’m A Little Piece Of Tin – unknown, same tune as I’m a Little Cocoa Brown 

Kumbaya – Africa

Linstead Market – first published 1907 and 1925   MP3 Linstead Market

Mariner Grace – Tune:  Dear Lord and Father
Moon on a Meadow – Leslie Griffin Lawson & Peg Pageler Clark
Music Alone Shall Live – German Canon   MP3 Music Alone Shall Live

MP3 Neath These Tall Green Trees (grace)

Ode To A Leader – Girl Scout™ parody Battle Hymn of the Republic
Old Texas   MP3  Ol Texas
On Top Of Spaghetti – Tom Glazer 1963 parody On Top of Old Smoky
MP3 Once a Girl Guide Went to Camp  

Peace of the River – Wood

Rise And Shine – (withdrawn) lyrics copyright Universal Music Publishing Group
Rose Rose – round   MP3 Rose, Rose (round) 

Shaving Cream – parody My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
Suitors  – Brazil  

Three Blind Mice – round
Tumbalalaika – Yiddish love song

We Had A Chicken – parody We Love You Conrad, music © Charles Strouse
White Coral Bells – English round   MP3 White Coral Bells

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