Seafaring Songs

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SONG LIST – Seafaring Songs
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A Roving (Maid Of Amsterdam) – English 

Billy Taylor   Renaissance
Blow The Man Down
– English
Blow Ye Winds – Fo’csle Song from New Bedford

Coast Of High Barbary – English Renaissance

Drink Old England Dry – English Renaissance

Fireship, The (The Roving Kind)    Renaissance

Go Down You Blood Red Roses – halyard shanty, earlier than 1879
Golden Vanity (aka Turkish Revelee) – Child 286  mid 1600s  

Haul Away Joe
Henry Martin
 – Scots Renaissance
MP3 Henry Martin Renaissance

Kind Friends and Companions Renaissance
MP3 Here’s a Health to the Company aka Kind Friends and Companions  

Maid Of Amsterdam (A Roving) – English
The Mermaid – Child 289  Renaissance
My Johnny Was a Shoemaker – English Renaissance

Our Captain Cried    Renaissance

Ranzo – halyard shanty
Rigs of the Time
Roving Kind, The (The Fireship)   Renaissance

Stormy Wyndes    Renaissance

Tarry Trousers
Turkish Revelee (aka The Golden Vanity) – Child 286  mid-1600s

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