Victorian/Civil War Songs

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The songs listed in this section are in the public domain and may be shared. 

These songs are divided into Victorian songs, Music Hall songs, and Civil War songs.  You can also find songs from this era in the Western songs section. 

The following pamphlet may be printed as a quick reference.  Print page 27 (cover) on cardstock.
Print the odd pages 1-25.  Reload the paper (keep orientation) and print the even pages 2-26.  Staple in the center.  Most office supply stores have a long-necked stapler for use in their printing area.

Gold Rush Popular Songs – pamphlet

In addition, all the songs written by Stephen Foster are in the public domain.
Note:  Stephen Foster’s writing (like Mark Twain) contains language used in his day.  Today we find such language offensive.  Songs using such language are included for their historical value.

Beautiful Dreamer – 1864 published posthumously
Better Times Are Coming – 1862
The Bright Hills of Glory – 1863
Camptown Races –  1850
Gentle Annie – 1859
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread – 1863
Hard Times Come Again No More – 1855
Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair – 1854
My Old Kentucky Home – 1853
Nelly Bly – 1850
Oh Susannah1858
Old Folks at Home (Swanee River) – 1851
Old Kentucky Home – 1853
Our Willie Dear is Dying – 1861 

Other Civil War Era Songs:

America – 1832

Blow The Man Down  

Haul Away Joe

Wildwood Flower – traditional 


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