Music Hall Songs

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You may also want to check out the website at Music Hall  Not all of the songs they list are in the public domain, but they do list the authors and dates. 

Music Hall Songs
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A Proper Cup of Coffee – R.P. Weston (d 1936) and Bert Lee (d 1946) 1926 withdrawn – Copyrighted through 2016 
After The BallCharles K. Harris 1892
Ann Boleyn (With Her Head Tucked) – R.P. Weston (d 1936) and Bert Lee (d 1946) 1934 England  withdrawn – Copyrighted through 2016

Bird in a Gilded Cage, A – Harry Von Tilzer 1900
The “Bobbies” of the Queen – Eardley Turner and Maude Santley 1897

Come Down Ma Evenin’ Star – John Stromberg 1902
Come Home, Father – American Civil War 1864 

Daddy Bought Me a Bow-Wow, But It Died – English Music Hall
Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me a Bow-Wow – Joseph Tabrar 1892 English Music Hall
Don’t Dilly Dallyaka Follow the Van,  Fred Leigh and Charles Collins Victorian
Don’t Swat Your Mother – 1919

Follow the Van – aka Don’t Dilly Dally, English Victorian

God Save the Queen – Henry Carey 1740
Good Bye, My Lady Love – Joseph E. Howard 1904

Hello Central, Give Me Heaven – Charles K. Harris 1901
Honeysuckle and the Bee, The – Albert H. Fitz and William H. Penn Victorian

I Don’t Want to Play in Your Yard – H. W. Petrie 1894
I Have a Song to Sing, O! – Sullivan Victorian 
I’ve Got Rings on My Fingers – Maurice Scott 1909
I Want to Sing in Opera – Worton David and George Arthurs 1910

Love’s Old Sweet Song – James L. Malloy 1884

Man On The Flying Trapeze, The – Civil War
Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis – Kerry Mills 1904
My Mother Was A Lady (If Jack Were Only Here) – 1896  Victorian

On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away – Paul Dresser  

Raise A Ruckus Tonight – 1850s  Minstrel
Ratcatcher’s Daughter, The – Rev. Edward Bradley and Sam Cowell 1800’s 

She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain – Civil War
Swim Sam Swim – R. P. Weston and Bert Lee  1917
Swimming Master, The – Herbert J. Darnley 1899

Those Wedding Bells Shall Not Ring Out! – Monroe H. Rosenfeld 1896

Under the Bamboo Tree – Bob Cole, J. Rosamond Johnson, James Weldon Johnson 1902

Wait ’till the Sun Shines, Nellie – Harry Von Tilzer 1905
Waiting at the Church – words Fred W. Leigh, music Henry E. Pether
Waltz Me Around Again Willie (‘Round, ‘Round, ‘Round) – Ren Shields 1906
Will You Love Me in December As You Do in May? – Ernest R. Ball 1905

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