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Songs do not enter the public domain until decades after the date of the author’s death – not the date they were written.  For more copyright information, see

The songs listed in this section are still under copyright and may not be downloaded and shared. 

That does not mean you can’t sing them for your own enjoyment or around the campfire if everyone knows the song.  You just can’t write the words or music to share, or copy a recording to share, or any other action prohibited by copyright laws. 

Song List – Copyrighted Works

A Proper Cup of Coffee – R.P. Weston and Bert Lee 1926 
Ann Boleyn (With Her Head Tucked) – R.P. Weston and Bert Lee 1934

Backward Song correct title I Said My Pajamas (And Put on My Prayers) – Edward Pola, George Wyle
Big Blue Frog – Peter Yarrow
Billboard Song – Cy Coben and Charles Grean 
Blow on the Sea Shell – Peruvian, © 1942
Blowin’ In The Wind – Bob Dylan circa 1960
Brightly, Brightly Gleam the Sparkling Rills – Haydn, Harper and Brothers, NY
Buddies and Pals (Pardners) – Sammy Cahn, J. Van Heusen
Bumpkin, The – Mexican, © 1942 

Camp Granada – Allan Sherman
Children’s Prayer, The – Humperdinck, The Year Book Press, Ltd.
ColinBovet, by special permission of Msr l’Abbe Bovet, Switzerland
Crooked Jack – Dominic Behan © 1965 Tune:  Star of the County Down

Deaf Woman’s Courtship, The – U.S. Appalachian, Novello and Company and the Oxford University Press
Do You Hear What I Hear – Noel Regney
Dona Dona – Aaron Zeitlin, S. Secunda
public domain 2007 or 2044 further research needed

Easter Alleluya – 4-part arrangement by Ivor Atkins 1910
Easy and Slow – Sean O’Casey and Dominic Behan
Edelweiss – Rogers and Hammerstein from The Sound of Music
El Queléle (The White Hawk) – Spanish Californian, G. Schirmer, Inc.  

Finlandia – words published by Paull-Pioneer Music Corporation by permission
For the Beauty of the Earth – Bach, Paterson’s Publications, Ltd by permission
From the White Earth – Bolivian, © National Recreation Association

Garden Song (All God’s Creatures) – Dave Mallett
Girl Scouts™ Together – GSUSA
Glad to Have a Friend Like YouCarol Hall, Free to Be You and Me album
Go to Sleepy – U.S. Georgia version of Elizbethan Lullaby, Harcourt, Brace and Company
God Bless America – Irving Berlin
Gypsy Song – German-Swiss, Swiss Girl Guides Federation, The Year Book Press, Ltd. 

Hammer Song (If I Had a Hammer) – Pete Seeger, Lee Hays
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – H. Martin, R. Blane
Heavens Resound – Bach, arranged by Andreas Hofer, C.C. Birchard and Company 
Hole In The Bucket – lyrics – written by Harry Belafonte, Odetta Felious Gordon from a traditional German or Pennsylvania Dutch song
House of the Rising Sun – Dave Von Ronk (from a trad song)
Note:  If you can find the folksong collected in 1934 sung by Gwen Foster to a melody resembling Matty Groves, it is probably the closest to a public domain version you can get.  Most modern versions lead back to Dave Von Ronk (1950s), and the popular version is an arrangement by The Animals recorded in 1964–and is copyrighted.

I Said My Pajamas (And Put on My Prayers) – Edward Pola, George Wyle I Said My Pajamas – lyrics
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus – Tommie Connor
I Wonder When I Shall Be Married – United States, Cooperative Recreation Service, Delaware, Ohio
If I Had a Hammer (Hammer Song) – Pete Seeger, Lee Hays 
I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Kim Gannon, Walter Kent

Jingle Bell Rock – Joe Beal, Jim Boothe
Johnny Appleseed (The Lord is Good to Me) – ©Disney Corp
Jolly Old Roger – U.S. New England, The Macmillan Company

Knees Up Mother Brown – 1938 Bert Lee in collaboration with Harris Weston  
Kookaburra – M. Sinclair, Australian, used by permission 

Let It Snow – Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne
Life That’s Free, The – Alsatian, J. Curwen and Sons, Ltd.
Little Boxes – Malvina Reynolds
Long Black Veil, The – Marijon Wilkins and Danny Dill, American  

Magic Penny – Malvina Reynolds public domain in 2048?
Margot, Dress the Vines – from French 16C, The Year Book Press, Ltd.
Marvelous Little Toy – Tom Paxton  

Mary’s Boy Child – Jester Hairston
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore – Tony Saletan ©1954
My Bonnie Cuckoo – Irish, The Year Book Press, Ltd.
My Home’s in Montana – Ginn and Company (words)
My Lovyer is a Sailor Boy – U.S. New England, collected by Miss Marie Gaudette
My Twenty Pennies – Venezuelan, © Cooperative Recreation Service, Delaware, Ohio         

No Hiding Place – U.S. Negro Spiritual, Sunday School Publishing Board of the National Baptist Convention

O Hush Thee, My Babie – Sullivan, Novello and Company, Ltd.
Old Shep – Red Foley
On the Loose – Judith Keller ©1971
Open Your Eyes – Judith Keller

Peace of the River – Viola Wood, Glendora Gosling
Perica – Chilean, Cooperative Recreation Service, Delaware, Ohio
Ploughboy, The – W.W. Pearson round, Novello and Company
Praise to God, Immortal Praise – Mrs. H. Maitland Barnes
Puff the Magic Dragon – Leonard Lipton, Peter Yarrow

Quidlobet – Anonymous, Hargail Music Press

Red Herring, The – English, Novello & Co
Riqui Ran – Latin-American, Cooperative Recration Service, Delaware, Ohio
Rise And Shine –  lyrics copyright Universal Music Publishing Group
Rising of the Lark, The – Welsh, The Year Book Press, Ltd 

Simple Song of Freedom – Bobby Darin
Sleigh Ride – Mitchell Parish, Leroy Anderson
Sloop John B. – Brian Wilson (from a Trad song)
Spacious Firmament on High, The – Haydn, Hall and McCreary Company 
Spin, Spin – German, The Year Book Press, Ltd.
Sun Worshippers, The – U.S. Zuni Indian, C.C. Birchard and Company 
Swiftly Flowing Labe – Czech Marching Tune, © 1925 National Board of the Y.W.C.A.   

Taps – Rukard Hurd, © held Pennsylvania Military College
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) – Pete Seeger, et al
The Backward Song – correct title I Said My Pajamas
The Shape of Things – Sheldon Harnick sung by Charlotte Rae
There’s Nae Luck about the House – Scottish, tune noted 1903, words noted 1933
This Land Is Your Land – Woody Guthrie
This Train – new lyric and arrangement Woody Guthrie
To the Garden Annie Went – Bohemian, © Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, NY City
Today – Randy Sparks
Tutu Maramba – Brazilian © National Recreation Association
Turn, Turn, Turn (There is a Season) – Pete Seeger

Walking at Night – Czech, © National Recreation Association
Waltzing Mathilda – A.B. (Banjo) Paterson
Wayfarer’s Grace, The – M. Elizabeth Worsfold and G.C.E. Ryley, 1938 The Kent Girl Guides Association
Wedding Song – N. Paul Stuckey
Where Have All The Flowers Gone? – Pete Seeger
Where Have You Been Walking, Shepherdess? – French-Canadian, The Year Book Press, Ltd
White Christmas – Irving Berlin
Wimoweh – Pete Seeger with Solomon Linda/Weavers
Wild Mountain Thyme aka Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go  – William McPeake 1959   
Winter Wonderland – Richard B. Smith, Felix Bernard
Who Comes Laughing? – round, J. Curwen and Sons, Ltd.
Who Is The Man? – U.S. Pilgrim Hymn, music © 1940 Elie Siegmeister
Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot – from the singing of Woody Guthrie (may be older – further research needed)

You Are My Sunshine – Rice Brothers (J. Davis, C. Mitchell)
public domain in 2070      

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