What About Girl Scout Songs?

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The following attachment is a master list of Girl Scout™ songs and the songbooks in which they can be found.

Songbook Master List    

For information on Melinda Carroll’s music please visit her site.  Please bear in mind Melinda Carroll does not sing Make New Friends or Whene’er You Make a Promise or The Brownie Smile Song as written.  For the correct melodies please click below.  

Very few Girl Scout™ songs are in the public domain.  Some of the public domain songs can be found in the Camp Songs section.  Following is a partial list of Girl Scout songs and the authors of the lyrics and music.  Copyright information is provided on some songs. 

Songlist Copyright Information

Remember, an arrangement can be copyrighted even when the original song is in the pubic domain.       




Other Girl Scout™ Songs
Except as noted, these songs are in the public domain

A Ram Sam Sam   MP3 A Ram Sam Sam
Ah Poor Bird   MP3 Ah Poor Bird
MP3 All Night, All Day
Apple Cheeked Rider (Ho, Young Rider)
Bear Song, The  MP3 The Bear Songtune Sippin’ Cider Through a Straw
MP3 Bed Is Too Small
Campfire’s Burning  w/sheet music MP3  (Camp)Fire’s Burning
Canoe Round(Dip, Dip, and Swing) w/sheet music MP3 Canoe Round
Cat Came Back   MP3 Cat Came Back, The – clip 
Chairs to Mend   MP3 Chairs To Mend
Counselors– Girl Scout™ parody of Barges
Dem Bones   MP3 Dem Bones
(Dip, Dip, and Swing)Canoe Round w/sheet music MP3 Canoe Round
Dona Nobis Pacem
Donkey Riding
Fire’s Burning  w/sheet music   MP3 Fire’s Burning
French Cathedrals   MP3 French Cathedrals
Frog Round
Girl Guides Are We Round  w/sheet music  MP3 Girl Guides Are We Round  Suzi Lenhart by permission-Pax Lodge Songbook for use by WAGGGS members
Girl Scout’s Goodbye Round w/sheet music  MP3 Girl Scout’s Goodbye Round
Give Thanks w/sheet Music  MP3 Give Thanks (grace)   Kate Shirley used by permission Pax Lodge Songbook
Graces-Girl Scout
Graces-more Girl Scout
Grasshoppers Three   MP3 Grasshoppers Three
Green Cathedral (I Know A) MP3 YouTube Green Cathedral
MP3 Hello (round)
Hey Ho Nobody Home   MP3 Hey Ho, Nobody Home
Ho Young Rider (Apple-Cheeked Rider)
Horsey, Horsey
Land Of The Silver Birch  MP3 Land of the Silver Birch
Lavenders Blue  MP3 Lavender’s Blue
MP3 Linstead Market
Make New Friends  w/sheet music 
Mariner Grace
w/sheet music  MP3 Mariner Grace
Moon on a Meadow w/sheet music  MP3 Moon On A Meadow
Music Alone Shall Live w/sheet music  MP3 Music Alone Shall Live
MP3 ‘Neath These Tall Green Trees – grace
Ode To A Leader – Girl Scout™ parody of Battle Hymn of the Republic
Old Texas  MP3 Ol’ Texas
MP3 Once a Girl Guide Went to Camp – parody of There Is A Tavern in the Town
Rainy Day Grace  w/sheet music  MP3 Rainy Day Grace  Pip Rogers used by permission Pax Lodge Songbook
Rose (round)   MP3 Rose, Rose

Rosen Fra Fyn  w/sheet music  MP3 Rosen Fra Fyn
Shalom Chaverim w/sheet music  MP3 Shalom Chaverim
Simple Blessings  w/sheet music  MP3 Simple Blessings (grace)  Brandis Purcell 1994 by permission Pax Lodge Songbook
Whene’er You Make A Promise w/sheet music W. W. Shield 1828 public domain, please credit author per GSUSA
White Coral Bells   MP3 White Coral Bells
Zulu Warrior  African Dance/Song 


Just for Trainers
Trainers Song-Barges
Trainers Song-Fleming







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